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Re-roofing Notice
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As a courtesy to our customers, we would like to make you aware of some minor inconveniences which may occur during the roofing process.

While removing the old layers of roofing materials, the interior of your premises may be subject to dust, dirt, and a limited amount of falling debris. This is most likely with open windows, open beam ceilings, skylights, attic storage, and open ceiling garages. Bathroom air vents, water heater vents, air conditioning vents, kitchen stove vents, and canister lights may also allow some debris to enter. Therefore you may wish to take some simple precautions to minimize these inconveniences. Close all windows. Placing sheets of lightweight plastic over computers, furnishings, storage closets full of clothing is suggested. Plastic drop cloths are available at most hardware and paint stores. With advance notice, Anderson, Knox, and Clark, Inc. will supply and install plastic sheeting to all large areas.

Please be prepared for a significant amount of noise. If a composition built-up roof is being installed, expect strong odors from hot tar.

Anderson, Knox, and Clark, Inc. assumes no responsibility for interior damage to personal property or building interiors including, but not limited to, ceiling light fixtures, cracks in drywall or plaster, dust and debris.

In addition, Anderson, Knox & Clark, Inc. assumes no responsibility for any damage to TV antennas and/or satellite dishes.

In most instances the roofing process goes very smoothly, without incident. Following these simple precautions will help insure that the installation of your new roof is a positive experience.


Carl Clark, President